European Respiratory Society Conference

SolAeroMed Inc will be attending the European Thoracic Society conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands to present their S-1226 drug and device technologies.

Abstract for S-1226 Drug:

We have discovered a new short acting bronchodilator represents a new class of bronchodilator. The drug, S-1226, is made up of a gas (4-12% CO2 in air) combined with a synthetic lung surfactant, perflubron, delivered as a nebulized mixture of perflubron vapour and perflubron aerosol, within the CO2 gas. We have demonstrated rapid broncho-dilatation via a unique mechanism of action that is neither adrenergic or cholinergic. We suspect the bronchodilator effect of the drug is mediated by epithelial receptors and vagal C-fibres and sustained by the biophysical action of perflubron and its interaction with natural lung surfactants.

Bronchodilation is shown in animal models to be very rapid within 4 seconds.

S-1226 Drug Poster

Abstract for S-1226 Device:

Our drug-gas containing 8% CO2 in air combined with perfluorooctylbromide (Perflubron) vapour is being developed as a new class of fast acting bronchodilator drug working via unique biophysical mechanisms.

The revolutionary portable delivery device incorporates separate storage of a compressed gas cylinder and a drug-liquid ampoule within the device body.

On activation, compressed drug-gas is released through the liquid reservoir where perflubron vapor evaporates through an intermediate aerosol stage. The combined gas and vapor mixture is then delivered to a tidally breathing patient at a controlled dosing rate and multi-minute treatment time.

SAMi is developing this portable rescue device to treat severe bronchoconstriction as a first line emergency treatment to complement and enhance the activity of other drugs, particularly when conventional drugs have failed. This is the first time a therapeutic drug gas combines with a therapeutic drug vapour in a revolutionary portable delivery device to treat respiratory disease.

S-1226 Device Poster