SolAeroMed Inc was founded in 2011 and is dedicated to the development of novel therapies to treat obstructive respiratory diseases. 

The platform of our lead drug, S-1226, is based on a combination of Perflubron (a synthetic surfactant derivative) and carbon dioxide.

When combined in inhalation therapy as S-1226 delivered by nebulization these compounds offer significant promise to treat respiratory diseases where breathing is compromised due to bronchoconstriction, excess mucus production and/or impaired mucus motility.

S-1226 is a novel fast-acting bronchodilator, with airway lubricant properties to remove mucus.  It also acts as a cough suppressant and is an anti-inflammatory agent.  We have demonstrated safety and efficacy of S-1226 to treat Cystic Fibrosis and asthma.

We have now started (June 2021) a clinical trial to treat the severe respiratory symptoms of COVID-19 in a Health Canada approved Phase II trial in hospitalized Bronchiolitis/COVID-19 patients.  This trial will recruit a total of 30 patients in 3 Calgary hospitals:  Peter Lougheed, South Centre and Rocky View.     After obtaining consent, hospitalized patients will receive twice daily treatment of inhaled S-1226 drug over a 5 day treatment period, in addition to the normal standard of care.  The study is designed to demonstrate safety and efficacy of inhaled S-1226 drug in hospitalized COVID-19 patients.

About our platform

Our lead therapeutic (S-1226) is a combination of inhaled CO2 enriched air and Perflubron. When nebulized together inhalation results in rapid smooth muscle relaxation in the lungs to open up constricted airways, and lubrication of the airways which enhances removal of mucus. In addition S1226 has anti-inflammatory properties and suppresses cough

Our platform promises to be an effective treatment for any respiratory disease where the work of breathing is high and better oxygenation is needed including:

  • COVID-19
  • Daily use in CF Bronchiectasis to remove mucus & prevent infection
  • Daily use in Non-CF Bronchiectasis to remove mucus & reduce exacerbations
  • Asthma rescue medication
  • COPD exacerbation
  • Bronchiolitis
  • Cough

The nonreactive and safe nature of the underlying components gives this platform huge potential as a life saving treatment.

S-1226 is safe and effective:

  • Phase 1 (Safety) completed [2014]
  • Phase 2 (efficacy mild asthma challenge) completed [2016]
  • Phase 2 (Cystic Fibrosis and non CF bronchiectasis) – in progress

 CO2 is approved as a medical gas for use in respiratory stimulation. Perflubron is approved as a bronchial lavage solution (Liquivent) in Canada & Europe. 

Our clinical data suggests that S-1226 is highly effective against various respiratory diseases and can be considered a medically safe treatment option.

In preclinical data, animal models showed an immediate and sustained response to S-1226 treatment.  Further, even when using prolonged high dosages no toxicity was observed, with no diminishing response with multiple doses (tachyphylaxis).

S-1226 Treatment of COVID-19 is expected to mitigate severity of the respiratory symptoms which lead to decline in patient health. We expect results of each twice daily treatment to demonstrate immediate benefits in patient health and blood oxygenation, and twice daily treatment over 5 days to speed general recovery with reduced with progression to the ICU and reliance on mechanical ventilation

SolAeroMed’s platform can offer an effective treatment by way of:

  • Rapid direct bronchodilation of airways
  • Enhanced mucus clearance
  • Reduced tissue damage
  • Promoting alveolar stability
  • Improved matching of ventilation to blood flow
  • S-1226 rapidly improves blood oxygenation in absence of supplementary oxygen
  • Enhanced oxygen delivery to organs reducing risk of cardiac or CNS complications
  • Compliments other inhaled drugs (antibiotics, beta agonists) by opening airways
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • acts as a cough suppressant
  • Easy to administer in emergency room, COVID ward and ICU
  • Demonstrating effective treatment of COVID-19 patients will provide evidence that S-1226 offers a more general treatment for other causes of viral pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

SolAeroMed S-1226 respiratory drug offers immense potential as a platform drug technology to treat a wide variety of respiratory disease, including COVID-19

Our COVID-19 strategy revolves around getting S-1226 into hands of doctors and patients.  We have obtained Health Canada regulatory approval and are actively recruiting hospitalized COVID-19 patients into this clinical trial.

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