S1226 Delivery Devices

Our current clinical trials rely on a unique nebulizer system to delivery a consistent dose and concentration of S1226, and can be readily applied in clinic, Emergency Room and EMS settings.   Operational aspects of S1226 neublizer system is demonstrated by John Dennis, SolAeroMed CEO, on this uTube video sponsorted by the nebulizer manufacturer, WestMed, at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6S6z71dZNk

Of particular note is the ability of the Circuiaire nebulizer system’s abilty to preserve the desired S-1226 concentration of %CO2 throughout the entire breathing cycle, and throughout the entire treatment period by using a combination of one-way valves and a reservoir bag.


A unique first in class portable delivery device is being concurrnelty development to contain S1226 as a rescue medicaiton.  This portale device is being designed to be used by severe asthmatics as a rescue device.  IP aroun this device was filed in 2014.    An embodiement of our unique device technology is pictured below: