Treatment of Acute Asthma in the ICU

In October 2017 we were able to treat a severely ill asthmatic patient in Calgary ICU with our experimental S1226 drug.  Results were in the words of the lead clinician ‘shockingly good’.   This case study was presented in May at the American Thoracic Society meeting in San Diego. Full presentation available in poster form.

In the fall of 2017 a 38 year old male patient was admitted into the Foothills hospital in severe respiratory distress.  In the intensive care unit he was eventually put on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) and all conventional treatments were applied over days and weeks, but still his health progressively deteriorated.  As a last resort the attending ICU clinicians, who had heard of SolAeroMed’s S1226 asthma drug, reached out to Prof Francis Green who immediately reached out to CEO John Dennis to attempt an emergency treatment.  At this point the patient was in an induced coma.  Within hours both John Dennis and Francis Green were in the ICU at Foothhills Hospital, met with attending clinicians and prepared a dose of S1226 to deliver to the patient.  Soon after S1226 components were administered sequentially to the patient.  The results were nothing short of spectacular.  Within hours the patients profile improved, his tidal breathing volume increased and tenacious mucous was able to be evacuated from his lungs.  Within minutes a clear improvement was observed by attending clinicians.  Within a couple of hours ECMO was discontinued and the patient was breathing using his own lungs. Subsequently the patient was taken off ECMO and extubated. Eventually the patient was discharged from the ICU and overall treatment of S1226 was attributed to this recovery.  As far as SolAeroMed was concerned this was a tremendous opportunity and we feel we saved a life of a patient suffering from acute asthma and this case study has initiated tremendous interest in S1226 treatment. In collaboration with the ICU clinicians SolAeroMed management submitted the case study to the 2018 American Thoracic Society.  The case study generated considerable attention during its presentation.

The clinical significance of this treatment of severe asthma in the ICU has yet to be fully absorbed by the wider clinical community. SolAeroMed management has recently approached Health Canada to request that this case study be used as grounds for approval of S1226 in a clinical ICU setting.