Board of Directors

Andy Clark

Dr. Andy Clark, Ph.d. has been Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Respira Therapeutics, Inc. since February 2015. Dr. Clark serves as Chief Technical Officer of Novartis. Dr. Clark serves as Scientific Advisor of ALRISE Biosystems GmbH. He served as Chief Technology Officer at Nektar Therapeutics (formerly Inhale Therapeutic Systems). He is a trained physicist with over 30+ years experience developing some of the pharmaceutical industries’ most novel inhalation products including  Pulmozyme®, the first inhaled protein, Exubera® the first inhaled insulin, and Tobi Podhaler®, the first inhaled dry powder antibiotic.

Ian McAffer

Ian lends years of biotech experience to SolAeroMed having been most recently with Breath Limited and PB North America Ltd. Furthermore he has extensive knowledge in technology acquisition through his involvement in a product acquisition deal worth over $2 billion.

Michael Flach

Michael is a corporate lawyer and Partner with SMBP lawyers, that practices in the area of business law and technology enterprises with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, procurement, general corporate commercial matters, telecommunications, outsourcing, intellectual property, brand management and financing. SolAeroMed will lean on his experience in small company development and to help navigate the legal landscape.

John Dennis, PhD

CEO, SolAeroMed Inc.

Dr. John Dennis is the co-founder and CEO of SolAeroMed.  His expertise is in occupational asthma, ventilation engineering, and respiratory device development.  His research has propelled John to be an internationally recognized drug aerosol delivery expert whose methods are incorporated into European EN and International ISO standards for respiratory drug aerosols.  In addition to his research focus, John has established a cGMP drug aerosol testing facility providing cGMP data on novel drug aerosol for both the pharmaceutical industry and public sectors, including overseeing drug aerosol delivery device design and regulatory testing for the WHO Inhaled Measles Vaccine, Nebulized Tobramycin, Nebulized Budesonide as well as development and regulatory approval of MDI spacer devices.   John is extensively published with over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts, additional notable international authorships include the European Drug Nebulizer Guidelines and the International Standard Organization (ISO) for nebulized drug aerosol testing.  John has provided key roles in successful EU and FDA regulatory approval of inhaled aerosol drug products, and respiratory drug delivery devices.

Francis Green, M.D., PhD

CSO & Founder, SolAeroMed Inc.

Dr. Green is the co-founder and inventor of the SAMi technology. Dr. Green has more than 30 years of research experience as a respiratory pathologist with international expertise in human and animal models of asthma and inhalation toxicology.   Currently Dr. Green serves as professor of Pathology and Laboratory medicine at the University of Calgary and was the previous chair for the Respiratory Research Group at the University of Calgary.  As a principal scientist and clinician, Dr. Green has pioneered our understanding of key lung diseases including the pathogenesis of fatal asthma as well as characterization of cystic fibrosis and defects in lung surfactant.  Together with Dr. John Butt, Dr. Green first characterized the involvement of obstructive mucous plugs in the pathogenesis of exacerbations for young Asthmatics. Dr. Green is an author of more than 170 peer-reviewed manuscripts and has written numerous book chapters regarding the pathology of occupational lung disease.

Michael Smith


Michael is an Electrical Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the electrical industry.  Michael was an early investor in SolAeroMed and has continued to invest in and closely follow SolAeroMed over the past nine years.  Not having any medical or biotech experience, Michael provides the Board with thoughts, opinions and ideas that come from a well-grounded non-biotech point of view, which hopefully represents the views of other “rank and file” investors.