John Dennis, PhD

President and CEO & Head of Drug Delivery

John is a respiratory drug aerosol device and delivery specialist authoring over 100 medical aerosol technology publications and is the strategic leader of SolAeroMed. His business expertise was developed through a separate consultancy dealing with aerosol characterization and delivery technologies.

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Francis Green, MD, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer & Co-Founder

Francis is a co-founder and inventor of the SAMi technology. He is a respiratory pathologist and has expertise in the human and animal models of asthma and inhalation toxicology. His innovative mindset is at the heart of SolAeroMed’s technology and development strategy.

Richard Leigh, MD, PhD

Clinical Lead

Richard is a clinical respirologist-scientist and the GSK-CIHR Professor of Inflammatory Lung Disease in the Division of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Calgary. He is also the director of the Respiratory Clinical Trials Unit at the University of Calgary.

Cora Pieron, PhD

Drug Delivery

Cora provides support for drug delivery device design and delivery technologies and maintains our cGMP drug aerosol test laboratory.  Cora also provides general operational, scientific, and research and development support.