S1226 is SolAeroMed’s lead therapy. S1226 is formulated to rapidly reopen constricted, mucus plugged airways, and should increase the effectiveness of respiratory drug delivery.


The S1226 formulation consists of aerosolized carbon dioxide (CO2) and nebulized perflubron; which is delivered into the lung. The delivery of this formulation results in an immediate relaxant effect on the patient’s constricted airways, supported by a lowering of surface tension in inflamed areas (resulting in enhanced bronchial dilation) and possible clearing of mucus plugs of blocked airways.

The rescue treatment works on both physiological and biophysical principles offering a unique approach to relieving airway obstruction. CO2 is a potent, but short acting bronchial smooth muscle relaxant. Perflubron is a non-toxic (biocompatible) medical perfluorocarbon with mucolytic and surfactant properties that acts synergistically with CO2 to provide a much greater and more prolonged broncho-dilatory effect.

The drug product is hypothesized to open constricted airways through at least three distinct mechanisms. Firstly, through the relaxant effect of CO2 (alone and dissolved into perflubron) on constricted airway smooth muscle; secondly, by lowering surface tension in the inflamed airways; and finally by possibly facilitating penetration and lubrication of mucus plugs, thus enhancing mucociliary clearance. Furthermore it works by an entirely different mechanism to the ß-adrenergic agonists and thus complements, rather than replaces, existing treatments.

Clinical Studies

SolAeroMed has completed a phase I trial demonstrating S1226 is safe in healthy subjects and a phase II clinical trial showing S1226 is safe and effective in relieving an allergen-induced asthma. SolAeroMed is currently conducrting a phase II clinical trial in cystic fibrosis / non-CF bronchietasis for which are currently recruiting.    SolAeroMed

Rapid Airway Opening

The rapid bronchodilatory effect of the formulation is readily apparent in a video taken from a sheep model of asthma. The sheep in the video below had been induced to an asthma-like condition before being rescued by S1226. Both the bronchoconstriction (tightening of airways) in response to methacholine aerosol and the later bronchodilation (opening of airways) in response to the treatment are observable.

Watch how S1226 causes bronchodilation from inside the lung. 

Photo of sputum cleared from a CF patient after S1226 treatment