SolAeroMed advances discussion with European partners on development of S-1229 as platform drug technology based on granting of European cyclodextrin patent.

While most of SolAeroMed efforts are focused on advancing clinical trial development of our lead CO2/perflubron S-1226 drug, we have also made recent progress in our S-1229 Cyclodextrin drug technology.  

Our pre-clinical and in vitro R&D demonstrates that inhaled cyclodextrin can remove excess cholesterol and repair dysfunctional lung surfactant.  Dysfunctional surfactant is a feature of many respiratory diseases, thus S-1229 offers potential as a platform drug technology.

Recently, our inhaled S-1229 drug was granted a European patent. 

The publication of the European patent has attracted attention of other biotech and pharma companies working in this space with whom SolAeroMed management has had discussions.  We are pleased to share outcomes of two of these relationships.

  • Payment to SolAeroMed of euro 25,000 by Aquilon Pharmaceuticals (Belgium) as part of a 5 year ‘non compete’ agreement
  • Ongoing discussions between OKKLO (Netherlands) and CycloLab (Hungary) around potential synergy and partnership to develop S-1229 in specific orphan respiratory diseases.

While much remains confidential, we believe SolAeroMed management is well positioned to develop S-1229 as a second drug platform technology to treat a range of respiratory disease.