SolAeroMed Newsletter #11

SolAeroMed Shareholder Newsletter #11     January 21, 2015

Hello SAMi shareholders

We write to provide an update on our evolving development at SolAeroMed (SAMi).

Clinical Development:  We had a productive and busy end to 2014 which included the formal start of our Phase IIa ‘proof of concept’ clinical trial which started December 16th in Calgary’s Foothills hospital under Professor Richard Leigh.  This is a double blind crossover trial design.   An asthma ‘attack’ will be induced in each of the test subjects who will then be treated in turn with either placebo or our asthma drug S1226.    Details of the trial have been registered at:

New Patents:  We have filed additional Intellectual Property around a new class of portable medical device delivery platform for our lead drug S1226.   A colourful version of one embodiment of this device was featured in the Christmas cards we sent out to shareholders.   The inventive part of our new device revolves around generation of a drug gas combined with a drug vapour for treatment of respiratory disease.   We believe this IP will prove valuable in the development of S1226 beyond the hospital care setting as it should effectively extend our IP protection from 2026 – out to 2036!

Finances:   SAMi management continues to operate with a very low burn in salaries and expenses, and continue to explore further grant support to add value to our core R&D and clinical development programs.   I write to confirm that we have sufficient funds in hand to complete our Phase IIa trial and all support core patent needs.   However, further investment is sought to provide additional short-term support for further patents, research and development.   For our longer term development we are actively seeking a pharmaceutical or Venture Capital partner to support anticipated intensive commercial development.

Share Price:  Our SolAeroMed board has advised us to continue to hold our share price at $5/share until completion of our Proof of Concept Phase IIa trial.

We will continue to update SAMi shareholders with these occasional newsletters as well as through   We remain a small private biotech company, and I invite any shareholder with concerns, questions, or interest in investment to contact me directly by email or phone.  On behalf of SolAeroMed, I thank our shareholders for providing the needed resources to propel our development forward.  The start of our Phase IIa Clinical Proof of Concept trial defines a pivotal milestone in development of our asthma drug.


John Dennis